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It's About TS ECET 2018 For New Registration

A most awaited announcement from the Telangana state educational board will be released for TS ECET 2018 Application Form on its website. This will be a great opportunity for the candidates who have the dream to get the admissions in the professional courses to continue their studies. The university has decided to upload the ECET 2018 Notification booklet along with the brief instructions about the whole admission process. For participating, the candidates must fill their TSECET Registration Form 2018 through online. You will appear for the entrance exam conducted by the official board. The shortlisted aspirants will get the entry pass for the lateral entry admissions in the B.E/B.Tech/B.Pharm.

So the candidate must have the equivalent educational qualification in any of the streams like diploma/B.Sc Mathematics and more. The interested and eligible candidates must fill their online form before the last date of the submission. The university is responsible for all the activities related to the written exam, seat allotment, and other procedures. The board offers the admissions in various colleges affiliated with the Telangana state. For more details, you can refer the information bulletin from the web portal.

The Registration will be an unavoidable thing in selection criteria. So without further delay, you can make your entry as soon as possible to get the lateral entry admission. The candidates must send the online form with all the details to avoid the inconvenience. For latest updates about the entrance exam and admission regular, you can visit the website.

How to Apply Online for TS ECET2018

Candidates are struggling to make their online registration from the ECET Website. Here we provide some easy steps to complete the online application.

  • The Candidate must visit the official website of the board by following the valid web address.
  • Then check for the registration form from the homepage.
  • You can open the online form and start to make your entries.
  • Before that read the instructions once carefully from the notification booklet.
  • Now enter your information, educational details, and other particulars.
  • Then take the scanned copies of original documents with specified size and format and upload them in the required column.
  • Now make the online payment using any of the nationalized banks.
  • Finally, confirm the form and take a copy for your further use.

TS ECET Application Fee 2018

Fee for General and OBC: Rs.800/-

Fee for SC and ST: Rs.400/-

The exam fee will non-refundable for any cause.

The Applications without the fee will be rejected for the admission process.


TS ECET 2018 Application Form:-

JEE Main 2018 Application Form:-

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Good mp's equals good government

MP'S need to realize that being an MP is like being a parent but the difference is MP's have the responsibility of caring for the nation and therefore MP's must take care in how they carry out their duties because if MP's take the nation for granted the nation will suffer. Overall the decisions made by MP's determines the kind of country the nation grows up in.

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Castle Hill Woods

Hi Sarah Jones, This suggestion is in relation to my concerns regarding the destruction of the area of green land located in New Addington called Castle Hill woods. This has been the first time which I have voted in the general election for the pursuit of supporting Jeremy Corbyn, who I am and have been very hopeful that Corbyn will bring about positive change in the areas which are needed; tackling poverty, re-investing in the NHS and mental health (which free health care is something that I think is dire for any society), aswel as the housing crisis that is affecting alot of people. In acknowledgement of these things, I realize that housing is a problem for profound homelessness which was a trademark of the conservative government. However, I have also been notified that in the labour manifesto it has been declared that the area of vegetation in New Addington known as castle hill woods will be replaced with housing. As somebody who lives on the edge of New Addington next to Castle Hill woods aswel as many others who live on this area, I have to express that I would be deeply saddened should this area of vegetation be torn down. I have lived in this area my whole life, and have very fond memories of Castle Hill woods imparticular, but apart from the sake of nostalgia, I among others would like it to be known that this area is inhabited by wildlife, which is of course a more important factor than nostalgia. We have families of badgers, foxes, mice, squirrels and birds which inhabit these woods, which if this area would be torn down, would destroy their habitat. I am somewhat satisfied of the achievements of labour and Jeremy Corbyn during this general election, but I must emphasize that if Castle Hill woods is destroyed in favour of a housing estate, this plethora of wildlife will lose its habitat, is there no other alternative to building on this area of land? Thank you for your attention.

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Later public study hours

Croydon is the fastest growing tech cluster in the UK and home of Croydon Tech City, yet we have a library that is seriously lacking enough computers and desks for students and such. I work for an engineering firm in Croydon and do my degree part time and feel the Croydon library staying open later would be very beneficial to me by giving me a great place to study. I was told a labour would do more for our library and public services in 2015 and I'm hoping Sarah can fulfil my wishes. Rich

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please use letter boxes!!

if you are standing up for Croydon maybe your leaflet deliverers should discover the art of placing them in a letter box not throwing them in porches or on doorsteps - especially not in yesterday's high winds!! That letter and picture from a whole street of house was an appalling image on election eve and influenced several of our undecided youngsters against you !!! Particularly bas as Gavin's supporters did put theirs correctly and courteously in the letterbox. Standing upfor Croydon? I don;t think so as actions speak louder than words and this lazy discourtesy littering our street in Shirley is no Croydon or country I want to live in!! Added to the fact that is the second time and previous complaints ignored - also put in porch and left without knocking though most of us were in at the time!!

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Hi Sarah I will be voting for you. Could you and the Labour Party look at

Raising the level of inheritance tax allowance to closer to the preposed Tory level of £1m. All of us that live in London should not feel the necessity of our children needing to move in order to pay IH Tax £320,00 is quite a low amount thanks X

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See message June 05, 2017, 5.21 AM

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URGENT Please clarify where you stand on local issues .

URGENT Please clarify where you stand on local issues such as the Croydon Local Plan. Do you object to the MOL around Shirley Village being built on? Do you object to the development of intensification zones? Do you oppose the plans of Brick by Brick to saturate Shrublands with more low cost intensive housing? I am dismayed so far that with less than a few days before the election I have read and heard nothing about your local policies. Barwell has papered the borough with leaflets suggesting you are in favour of these insidious Labour Council developments. PLEASE CLARIFY YOUR INTERESTS so we know who to vote for. Jayne

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Check all the links on your page

Your links are broken and there is scant information on most pages and limited opportunity to ask questions. This is not helpful

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Southern Rail

If you promise to sort southern rail my votes are for you. But if you don't you or your party shouldn't ever ask and come for a vote at my doorstep.

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More people to help.

I am in a Socialist Choir (Strawberry Thieves) , members are keen to come over and help some on Facebook some not. Could I have a phone number or do you send out group texts about upcomimg canvas sessions. My phone number 07778 354936... Cheers Paul

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Please advise where list of activity is

Hi. We who came yesterday to canvass were told to visit this page for details of future events. But if they are here they are well hidden!

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We should all subscribe to this!

A Labour tax bombshell is a very good idea: the rich should pay their share

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I would like you to campaign to bring Southern Rail to heel

Croydon deserves and needs the best rail service that can be provided and Southern Rail are not doing that. I would support the Railways being brought back into public ownership as with other Public Services. I think this needs to be done in modern way with the employees being given incentives along the lines of John Lewis and that all the profits are reinvested rather than go to making rich people richer (shareholders) and supporting foreign taxpayers as at present. If the Labour Party just look to renationalise I do not think this will get wide support but a modern way of public ownership, "giving the services back to the people", in my opinion will.

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Update your web page.

Update your web page. If you type 'Croydon Central Labour party' into google you get a page with no information about upcoming campaign dates we could help with. It doesn't even mention Sarah J at all@@=!! Sort it out SJ's team. Now is the time people will be googling to see if they can help. Slack.

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More content

It would be good to have more content on your page. Some more details of how you came to be a Labour supporter and candidate. Some indication of whether or not you support the leader and his policies and want to increase membership involvement or favour policy making by focus groups which gives more emphasis to the opinion of voters in marginal of whatever party.

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Lynton Crosby

We should point out and make clear that Theresa May has appointed a racist demagogue as her strategist in this election campaign. Labour will be proud to represent in parliament a multi-ethnic, diverse constituency like Croydon Central. We must make people aware of Lynton Crosby's appalling track record of race-baiting London voters against Sadiq Khan in last year's mayoral election.

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