Castle Hill Woods

Hi Sarah Jones, This suggestion is in relation to my concerns regarding the destruction of the area of green land located in New Addington called Castle Hill woods. This has been the first time which I have voted in the general election for the pursuit of supporting Jeremy Corbyn, who I am and have been very hopeful that Corbyn will bring about positive change in the areas which are needed; tackling poverty, re-investing in the NHS and mental health (which free health care is something that I think is dire for any society), aswel as the housing crisis that is affecting alot of people. In acknowledgement of these things, I realize that housing is a problem for profound homelessness which was a trademark of the conservative government. However, I have also been notified that in the labour manifesto it has been declared that the area of vegetation in New Addington known as castle hill woods will be replaced with housing. As somebody who lives on the edge of New Addington next to Castle Hill woods aswel as many others who live on this area, I have to express that I would be deeply saddened should this area of vegetation be torn down. I have lived in this area my whole life, and have very fond memories of Castle Hill woods imparticular, but apart from the sake of nostalgia, I among others would like it to be known that this area is inhabited by wildlife, which is of course a more important factor than nostalgia. We have families of badgers, foxes, mice, squirrels and birds which inhabit these woods, which if this area would be torn down, would destroy their habitat. I am somewhat satisfied of the achievements of labour and Jeremy Corbyn during this general election, but I must emphasize that if Castle Hill woods is destroyed in favour of a housing estate, this plethora of wildlife will lose its habitat, is there no other alternative to building on this area of land? Thank you for your attention.

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  • Arron Burgess
    published this page in Suggestions 2017-06-09 18:08:36 +0100